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  • Sander Ummelen


We are currenltly mastering our latest track -Disintegrate - AS WE SPEAK! In the meantime, our friends at 'Spoterop' have concocted quite the visual tale to go along with our new song, which we will premiere to a live audience of fans, friends, family and all manner of music lovers at De Basis on Friday January 26th. We are hereby also cordially inviting YOU to the premiere of our latest videosingle 'Disintegrate'! Do you want to join us and special guests Neighbors Knocking in celebrating the release of our latest videosingle? If you fill out the form below you can claim a free drink as well! The music starts at 17:00 sharp, you are welcome to hang out starting at 16:30. Hope to see you there!

Register for your free drink below:

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