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- a videosingle trilogy -


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TRANSITIONS (2023/2024) represents a lyrical, musical and visual exploration of change relating to growth, identity and interpersonal relationships. The themes contained in the trilogy focus heavily inward, resulting in a style that can be described as 'introspective altrock'.

All three tracks were digitally released as stand-alone video singles over the course of 2023 and 2024. The complete story of the trilogy unfolds only now, revealing interconnected chapters through common themes and imagery.

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Debut EP

Hold on Tight (2021)

Patch the Sky's debut EP contains six tracks about life, love and the end of things. Each tries to convey both a sense of significance and of futility; of hope and of despair; of restlessness and ease of mind. In this constant dichotomous quest, Patch the Sky sees its music as both a means to connect and an end in itself.

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